BD Awards

We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for the annual BD Sustainability Award for the second year running! 

Since being presented this coveted award last year, we have been testing many new opportunities for sustainable forms of design and construction. This year’s entry presented four diverse projects from the past twelve months, selected to reflect our continued commitment to sustainability, innovation and education.

These projects included the Cork Studio – a self-initiated research project that prototypes the use of solid cork, a self-sustaining renewable material and the Heightington Folly student build. 

Experimentation with digital manufacturing and computational workflow is a core part of our approach to sustainability and during the past year we have invested substantial time into the development of our modular self-build system; ‘U-Build’. 34 Boar Lane and Box House demonstrated how a new movement in ‘Assisted Self-Build’ could work in practice, exploring a potential new role for architects as part of an evolving housing market. 

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