Bark Live Build: Week 2


Beth – (3rd year Northumbria), Funto – (2nd year Bartlett), Rachel Y – (2nd year Bartlett), Jason – (4th year UEL)

Timber Frame
Week 2 saw the hottest weather so far, but the team worked hard setting out the timber frame and sole plates on the existing concrete slab. The window reveals were marked out, cut and assembled on the south-east corner.

Smart Ply OSB
The delivery of the Smartply OSB boards arrived mid-week was just in time for Marc Standing from Coiltte to pay a visit and inspect our progress. He spoke to the students about using Smartply and locally sourced timber more generally.

Greenwood Pan Tiles
The end of the week saw the whole Studio Bark team down to assist on site which incorporated a very interesting meeting with Simon Dixon of Sandtoft/Wienerberger. Wienerberger are supplying the handmade Greenwood pan tiles for the project and will be assisting the students onsite.


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