Birch ply balustrade

We had been really struggling for a long time to find a sub-contractor who could fabricate a simple steel balustrade and handrail to complement the shuttered concrete stair. After much deliberation, we decided to design and build it ourselves albeit with a little help from our friends. Big thanks goes out to Rich from Cut & Construct and Steph (an extra (very skilled) pair of hands). The balustrade is built from high grade FSC Birch plywood, glued, screwed and stained. The 80mm wide ribs match the dimension of the stair’s shuttering planks and also the external cladding boards. Thanks also to Osmo for helping us out with the specification for the UV resistant stain.

This was constructed in a day and installed in another. Although it may not look it, this balustrade is as solid as a rock!

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