2018 Rubbish Revolution

As an environmentally focused practice we’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint so when asked at the end of 2017 about our studio’s New Years Resolution we found ourselves confidently committing to a zero waste 2018. We feel we have a good starting point, often going out of our way to limit waste through tackling junk mail, stocking our shelves with well-sourced products and having communal lunches (this also has some social benefits). 

However, 2018 will challenge us on a completely different scale. This year we’re determined to keep our black bin empty and will be providing honest and detailed monthly updates on the trials and tribulations of life in the zero waste lane. We’ll be tweeting at #myrubbishrevolution and keeping our news feed full of interesting links and tips. To start on good footing we’re visiting Bywaters recycling centre in East London to get some definitive answers about what can and can’t be recycled. 

We’re really hoping that through taking this challenge (and it’s a biggie) we’ll inspire others to look at their own plastic consumption and take some small steps to limit what we send to landfill

Half a working day into the pledge and we’ve already had to forgo our typical Bark Salad for want of some ethically packaged lettuce. Needs must. 

On a serious note, we are genuinely passionate about making the Rubbish Revolution a success – if this resonates with you then please do let us know about your plans to improve the environment. We’d love to join forces!

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