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U–Build Community Garden Room


U–Build Garden Room


London, Uk


RDLAC Community Centre




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RDLAC Garden Room – @Studio_Bark

This was a very special community project for Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre in Newham, East London. The project was a charitable evolution of Studio Bark’s hugely successful Bark Live-Build 2015 project @ Warren Lodge, Norfolk.

RDLAC Garden Room – @e16rdlac

Studio Bark worked on the project due to the team’s strong belief in the importance of community, diversity and education. Studio Bark have delivered a community garden space in RDLAC’s courtyard following a snappy two week live-build, in association with The University of East London. The structure itself was very simple, but incorporates a long pop-up hatch window (powered by reclaimed car-boot pistons), a modular (locally sourced) Douglas Fir skin and a modular green roof.

The University of East London – @UEL_News

The project was split up into four workshops: the first focusing on the innovative U-Build frame, the second on prototypes for the modular and demountable green roof system, the third on the modular and demountable cladding system and the fourth on the flexible and stackable furniture. Studio Bark are passionate about education, with a specific focus on improving young architectural students’ exposure to real building sites with real clients. Not only has this project greatly benefited the students and the community, but has also helped to broadcast the importance of environmentalism to a young and diverse range of people. RDLAC Garden Room will now become a test-centre for UEL’s Architectural Technology course, who will be monitoring it over a full heating and cooling season to test the internal environment and ongoing energy usage.

U-Build – @UBuild_UK

Studio Bark have been developing their low-impact U-Build system for the past 16 months in association with engineering firm ‘Structure Workshop’ and CNC workshop ‘Cut and Construct’ (@cutandconstruct). U-Build has been designed to change the preconceptions of self-build and the RDLAC Garden room presented the team with an opportunity to test the first full-scale prototype of the modular system.


Studio Bark are financing this project themselves, but are also being helped out by a few key sponsors and helpers, including Metsawood (@MetsaWoodUK) , Back to Earth (@backtoearthsw), Armaria Design and Butyl Products Group.

UEL presentation

Live-build stop motion here

follow student progress on our build blog here.


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