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Meadow House








Studio Bark has been developing a proposal for a new family home in South Norfolk. The proposal sits outside any settlement boundary, hence the design must meet the very challenging criteria of Paragraph 79 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

One of the key design drivers behind the proposal is its dialogue with the surrounding physical and historical context, in particular the wildflower meadow in which the house will sit and the adjacent grade 2 listed farm. The proposal aims to encompass subtle but relevant gestures to help bed the building into its surroundings.


The Environment

Although this is a new building and contemporary in its language, it has been designed with tradition in mind, prioritising craftsmanship and high quality Construction. The proposal will be predominantly timber allowing for a very low impact and low energy building that sits comfortably within its natural surroundings.

The building is not diminutive in scale, yet it has been carefully considered in order to reduce its impact on the site. The whole proposal sits in the ground by 3/4 to ½ a storey. This means that its overall scale does not compromise its surroundings. This also offers an opportunity for unique views to the outside with the viewers eye almost at ground level. The external terraces are also sunken, again to make the everyday activities which surround the proposal feel less imposing on the site.


Experiencing the Surroundings

-The specified wildflower species are sustainable, support local ecology and provide an appealing setting throughout the year.
-The building is rooted into the landscape by sinking half a storey, allowing unusual ground level views out of the house and a more direct link with the wildlife of the site.
– External east and south west facing terraces are incorporated to allow the surrounding landscape to be enjoyed at different times of the day.
– The south wing houses the main communal spaces with views out and across the site. This space has dramatic, high ceilings with an exposed timber structure and ridge roof light washing the space with lots of interesting light and shadows.

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