Pivot House Spiralling Roof Taking Shape

Last week’s site visit was an exciting chance to see the latest progress, in particular the spiralling timber roof that we developed in collaboration with Structure Workshop. The structure is made from sustainably-sourced glue laminated timber comprising four main elements: An external ring beam, an internal ring beam, a series of timber posts and a series of cut beams connecting them.

The roof trusses are laid to fall inwards towards the central courtyard and heart of the home. The roof spirals upwards to reach its highest point to the Southeast where the large roof overhang provides fixed solar shading.


External Ring Beam
The gently angled joists are held together by the irregular quadrilateral ring beam which increases by 2 degrees as it wraps around the building plan to form a beautiful trapezoid form.

Internal Ring Beam
The internal ring beam sits on top of the internal post structure and sits level approx 2.2m from ground level framing the courtyard and allowing natural light to enter the this space and the periphery rooms.

Connecting Beams
The connecting beams, engineered from locally sourced green Douglas Fir (SC3) will span between the two ring beams, gently spiralling to form the slow-rise in external eaves height.

Timber Post Structure
The internal timber posts are set out around the corridor to provide an interesting internal rhythm to the courtyard and to allow for a series of crafted shutters to close up the building on the hottest days or to provide privacy to the bedroom zone if desired.

The roof will be topped with a carefully detailed intensive green roof that will increase local biodiversity and help to significantly reduce the impact of the built form on its surrounding environment.

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