Bark Live Build: Week 5

Weather Sealing

We set ourselves a big target for week 5. We needed to get most of the primary structure completed in preparation for the arrival of the pre-fabricated trusses. With one team working on the timber structure, the other followed behind installing the rest of the rigid and flexible insulation then priming and taping all the joints to ensure that it was weather sealed.


Concrete Mixing

Preparation also began on the the final bit of timber stud work for the lean to on the eastern elevation getting everything cut ready to be fixed into place. Due to the nature of the existing slab, we had to reinforce the junction between the main barn and the lean to. With Wilf temporarily off site, David kindly shared his knowledge of concrete mixing with the students to solve the problem.



With all the wall plates up and the majority of the OSB raking in place. We then prepared the site ready for the delivery of the two trusses fabricated by Anson Timber Works. These were then carefully craned into position alongside the ridge beam and purlin. With scaffolding now at eaves level, progress on the roof was much quicker positioning the rest of the rafters on the main roof, fitting the noggins and sheathing the inside with the Smartply OSB. Now well versed in fitting the insulation on the walls we were able to quickly and efficiently insulate, prime and tape the main roof and fit the counter battens in place ready for the roofing battens.

Weekend Work

Over the weekend Wilf was joined by friend Andre, and they worked tirelessly to complete the timber structure for the lean-to on the east facing elevation.

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