Bark Live Build: Week 4


The week began getting the rafters, rigid insulation and OSB up on the West roof. The North wall was starting to take shape along with the internal walls.

Timber Mill

On Wednesday we took the team down to Berry Hall Woodlands to see how the Douglas Fir cladding is sawn and dried. The students also put their hand to milling the timber on Tim’s mobile sawmill from Eastern Counties Mobile Sawmilling. Anthony, Wilf’s father, then took the students on a forest tour to see where the cladding timber came from and spoke of the methods of growing, tending and harvesting timber.




The end of the week focussed on getting the western end of the barn fully insulated with the UdiTOP rigid timber fibre insulation boards. This provided a sheltered, weather-proof stacking and drying area in time for the delivery of the Douglas Fir timber cladding on Friday. The steel plates for the ridge and purling were also delivered and the scaffolding erected ready for the rafters.

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